Cancellation Policy 2022/2023

Cancellation Policy 22/23 – Allied Student Accommodation Ltd

RESERVATIONS MADE PRIOR TO 01st August 2022 14 Day Cooling-off Period

You can cancel your booking by sending an email directly to the accommodation team within 14 days of signing your tenancy agreement. Should you decide to cancel your reservation within these 14 days you will receive a full refund of the deposit amount paid.

If you decide to cancel your reservation after the 14-day cooling-off period and should any of the following events occur; the below process will come into effect.

  • Your UK Visa application has been denied
  • You have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your first University of


  • You have failed to pass the relevant English Language course required for University
  • Deferment of your University place

    If you secure your accommodation and then if for any of the reasons stated above are no longer able to attend your chosen higher education, official written evidence from the relevant University and/or UCAS and/or VISA authorities/embassy must be sent directly to the accommodation team within 5 calendar days of you receiving notification of the decision.

    If sufficient evidence is provided and accepted by the accommodation team, you will be eligible to cancel your tenancy agreement without obligation and the full deposit will be returned.

• Government Travel restrictions to the UK prevent you from travelling

If you secure your accommodation and Government travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the UK to enroll on your course at University, official written evidence from the chosen higher education provider confirming that you have cancelled your studies and will not be enrolled at the University for 22/23 academic year must be sent to the accommodation team prior to your tenancy start date. Once sufficient evidence provided, you will be eligible to cancel your tenancy agreement and a full deposit returned to you.

You may request that the start date of your tenancy be deferred to the first day of the month in which the restrictions are lifted and you are able to travel to the UK. Your request will need to be submitted to the accommodation team prior to the tenancy start date. Once sufficient evidence is provided to the accommodation team, we will amend your tenancy start date and send you confirmation of this.

  • Change your mind
  • Booked alternative accommodation

    If you do not wish to reside with us at Allied Student Accommodation for any of the above reasons, you will be required to find a replacement tenant to take over the remaining term of your tenancy. The replacement tenant must be a student. The replacement tenant must sign the tenancy

agreement for the entire length of the tenancy. A deposit will also be payable. If a replacement tenant is found and deemed suitable by the accommodation team you will be released from your contractual agreement and Allied Student Accommodation will return your deposit in full.

Please note that should any accommodation fees remain outstanding or any damage has occurred to the property your deposit will be retained until any charges payable are settled.


For reservations made on or after 01st August 2022, your cooling-off period will reduce to 48 hours only from making your reservation. Should you decide to cancel your booking within 48 hours, a full refund of your deposit will be made. Should you wish to cancel after 48 hours the above policy may apply depending on personal circumstances. A loss of deposit may occur.


Should you decide to leave the accommodation due to illness, this will be assessed on an individual case by case basis. You must notify the accommodation team as soon as possible regarding illness. The request must be made in writing directly to the accommodation team with any supporting medical documentation as requested. Should a tenancy release not be granted, you will be responsible for finding a replacement tenancy takeover for the remaining duration of your tenancy. If we grant a release of contract, you will receive a refund of your deposit should the accommodation be left in satisfactory condition and no arrears are outstanding on your account.

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